Ken Shigley



Judicial candidates can’t promise how they would rule on issues. The Code of Judicial Conduct, at Rule 4.2(A)(2) provides that judicial candidates “shall not make statements or promises that commit the candidate with respect to issues likely to come before the court that are inconsistent with the impartial performance of the adjudicative duties of judicial office.”

However, Ken Shigley makes these commitments:

  • Term limit. I will voluntarily limit myself to two terms in office, then retire on what I have earned in the private sector.
  • Culmination, not a springboard. When elected, I will never run for another judicial or political office. Viewing the court as an opportunity for service employing my experience in the culmination of a long career rather than a springboard to higher office, I will focus on doing the job at hand rather than jockeying for advancement.
  • No state pension. I would not collect a state judicial pension under current law because my date of birth in 1951 bars me from ever vesting. (If this age discrimination were eliminated, allowing me to vest in the retirement system without regard to date of birth, I would not turn it down.)
  • Read every brief. I will personally read every brief and every major authority in every case assigned to me and direct the research and writing work of staff attorneys. That should go without saying, but there have been some judges who did not. While I will fully utilize staff, the voters will have elected me to utilize my 40 years experience in making the hard decisions.

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As a former Georgia State Bar president with over 40 years of courtroom experience, Ken has the knowledge and skills needed to be a Georgia Court of Appeals judge. Click Here to Learn More About Ken Shigley’s Credentials