Ken Shigley


Legal analysis and writing is the biggest part of an appellate judge’s job.


Ken Shigley is the lead author of one legal treatise and a chapter author of another, both published by Thomson Reuters, the world’s largest publisher of law books.

Georgia Law of Torts: Trial Preparation and Practice (2010-17), has been cited as an authority by the Georgia Supreme Court and Court of Appeals. Mr. Shigley is also a chapter author of Handling Motor Vehicle Accident Cases, 2d Ed., a multivolume national publication.

Mr. Shigley has written many articles for publication in professional journals. Here are links to three of his President’s columns published in the Georgia Bar Journal:

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As a former Georgia State Bar president with over 40 years of courtroom experience, Ken has the knowledge and skills needed to be a Georgia Court of Appeals judge. Click Here to Learn More About Ken Shigley’s Credentials