Ken Shigley


Coming from a family of preachers and teachers, Ken Shigley has looked for ways to help others.

3c9ba7_1784463ec3754eb693c44a2fc368368b_mv2-300x200 As State Bar president, Mr. Shigley launched a program called SOLACE that uses “supercharged networking” to enable lawyers to be “their brothers and sisters keepers” on a statewide scale, helping lawyers, law office staffs and court staffs in  times of medical or family crisis.

His interest in starting this program grows in part from his experience with Stephens’ Ministry in his church and partly from his experience with medical crises in his own family.

Mr. Shigley has years of personal experience as a family caregiver. His late wife, Sally, endured 29 years with recurring meningioma brain tumors, with four brain surgeries and many rounds of radiation and chemotherapy. He was at her side through all the hospitalizations, radiation and chemo, and she died in home hospice last June with him at her side.

3c9ba7_e8e882d235af464fb3b5e3cd93bee986_mv2 Their daughter has had numerous surgeries in Boston and Los Angeles. He ran his first marathon in Chicago as a fundraiser for the foundation that funds research on her condition in order to attain access to a highly specialized medical team at Harvard. His experience networking to cut through long waiting lists for super specialists convinced him of the need for the SOLACE program.

He has also served his church and community in many other roles — youth sports coach, Boy Scout leader, Sunday School teacher, volunteer in many service projects and more.

Some people say Mr. Shigley has a “servant’s heart.”  He says he just does what needs doing.

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As a former Georgia State Bar president with over 40 years of courtroom experience, Ken has the knowledge and skills needed to be a Georgia Court of Appeals judge. Click Here to Learn More About Ken Shigley’s Credentials